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The Right Mind Tea

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When you’re in The Right Mind, you know it. Ideas flow and your communication is clear, from a centered perspective that lends itself to truth and integrity. You’re taking in the moment with presence instead of rushing through tasks, and each decision you make is decorated with a deep feeling of trust for the unfolding of your life. Feelings of ease and alignment come from being in the here and now (rather than worrying about the future or ruminating on the past) are unmistakable, and a sense of grounded calm leads the way. Although we’ve all been there before, getting into The Right Mind consistently is a practice that takes work, including nervous system regulation and strengthening tools — especially in the face of life’s daily stressors. Allow this soothing and centering tea blend to give you a moment of much needed pause, helping to calm your mind and spirit as you get back in touch with your highest self.*

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Customer Reviews

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Husband is obsessed

My husband bought this tea to calm his mind from overthinking before bed time, along with the added stress from work. This honestly works and tastes amazing! We both love the combination of herbs