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The Healer Tea

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Meet our deeply nutritive and richly restorative gut health herbal tea, The Healer. Made with strengthening and soothing mucilaginous herbs that help coat, fuel and protect intestinal mucosal integrity, this blend promotes healthy intestinal permeability even on days when you’re indulging in your favorite foods, dealing with gas and bloating, or experiencing a bit of digestive stress. Menders like Calendula promote a healthy inflammatory response, soothers like Marshmallow help maintain a healthy intestinal lining, and astringents like Meadowsweet tone the gut tissue to support healthy junctions within the intestinal wall. This loose leaf blend of flowers, herbs, and roots is an ally for even the most sensitive stomachs, enhanced by the gentle and effective delivery method of tea itself — which allows the therapeutic plant compounds to reach a wide surface area of the tissues that need them most.*

2 OZ (56G)