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Neon Superbrush

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Made in Italy since 1830, Janeke has perfected hair accessories. Specially designed for your blow drying needs, the vented Janeke Superbrush allows air to reach both sides of your hair and reduce drying time. These vented hairbrushes are designed to speed blow drying, add volume and create texture.  Measures 8" long and 3.25" wide.

  • Great for all hair types 
  • Excellent for product distribution 
  • Gently detangles wet or dry hair 
  • Prevents heat damage during blow drying 
  • Adds volume during styling 
  • Made in Italy

Detangle, add volume, and style all in one convenient brush. The perfect brush for all hair types including curly, thick or fine  

Featuring nylon bristles, these hairbrushes are made from the highest quality of materials and will serve you for many years to come.