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Mighty Minerals

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Mighty Minerals is a delicious herbal blend formulated to support overall well-being. Thoughtfully combining some of the most nourishing herbs like Nettle Leaf, Alfalfa, and Oatstraw, known for their trace mineral content. These minerals play a vital role in promoting cellular hydration, supporting immune function, and enhancing vitality for people of all ages. With a subtly sweet taste, thanks to Acerola fruit, Mighty Minerals offers a nutritive and refreshing way to incorporate essential minerals into your daily routine. Nourish yourself with a daily dose of Mighty Minerals for enhanced hydration and overall vitality.

Mighty Minerals is now 100% organic, and with the change to organic, we had a shift (for the better) in our sourcing, and thus the consistency, of our acerola cherry ingredient!

The organic, whole-fruit source we’re using now does have the connective tissue present since it’s made from the entire fruit, which means more fiber and more viscosity. That means the formula will now be thicker (and even a bit more tart in flavor), but we found that it still dispenses well out of the dropper and the benefits far outweighed the cons!

2 FL OZ (59 ML)