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holi (stick) Sensitive Deodorant

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Newly reformulated and more effective than ever, Agent Nateur's gentle, sensitive, supportive and strong formulation now pairs perfectly with new additions, - a clinically-backed, trademarked, extract hailed as nature’s ultimate antiperspirant’ and Cleavers Extract. The updated formulation supports less sweat, less odor, less toxins and more power. 

Remaining all natural, aluminum-free and baking-soda free this soft yet rich balm, handmade with nourishing oils and butters, gently melts upon contact with the skin, leaving a hydrating surface layer that soothes dryness, alleviates irritation and nurtures skin damaged or irritated from shaving, waxing or sweating.

Perfect for even the most sensitive skin, the formulation is non-greasy and non-sticky, the sensitive formulation rubs on clear, leaving no white marks or yellow stains on you or your clothes.