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Guardian Angel Super Peptide Sunscreen Milk, SPF 50

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Pillowy and protective, Solara Suncare's oil-free 100% mineral sunscreen milk is loaded with 12 biocompatible actives including: collagen building Super Proteins (a 5 amino acid pentapeptide), exotic Adaptogenic + Ayurvedic Superfruits with clinically proven cell energizing and free radical scavenging ability, and the defense barrier support of CoQ10 and Niacinamide. This gentle but fully loaded formula makes the perfect protective primer for helping to reverse and prevent environmental damage, a root cause of premature aging.

Benefit: Fine line plumping, cell energizing + sensitive skin friendly

Finish + Texture: Satin + Milky

Dermatologically Tested, Dermatologist Approved and Clinically Tested Safe for Sensitive Skin.

Fragrance- and essential oil-free and blends with no silicone, PEGs, drying alcohols or common SPF skin irritants.

Pro Tip: With any mineral SPF, give it a minute after application to melt-in.