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Go! Mineral Defense SPORT Superfruit + Aloe Sunscreen Mist, SPF 30

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Being Sensitive is a Superpower. This non-aerosol, air powered (we use bag on valve technology) mineral SPF mist is formulated for sensitive skin and active sunny days! This Superfruit Mango, Aloe and Jojoba spiked sunscreen goes beyond typical beach + sport sunscreen to infuse calming, nourishing + free radical fighting botanicals that can help support a healthier skin barrier.

ACTIVE WEAR + UNSCENTED, perfect for your outdoor adventures with broad spectrum SPF30 and 80 min water resistance. No chemical propellants.

As with any SPF spray, you must rub in after spraying.

Note: All chemical-free SPF sprays can deposit on clothes and bathing suits due to the nature of its mineral-only application.  If this happens, simply wash garment according to its directions.