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Confidence Body Mist

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Energize your body and senses with the magic of aromatherapy combined with skin rejuvenating benefits. This light and non-oily body mist softens and preserves the skin's hydration. Confidence body mist is a luxurious, light weight, multi-purpose body mist combining powerful botanicals. Made with aloe juice to hydrate, heal and rejuvenate the skin and helps with inflammation.

Key ingredients also include Black Willow Bark to help alleviate acne, soften skin, aid in new skin cell stimulation and also protect from environmental stressors. Skin And Senses' also added Sugar Cane to prevent aging and lock in moisture. Their warm and inviting body mist is subtly scented with Luminous or Vanilla Vibe to gently scent your skin in a light, fresh aroma.

Additional Info:

  • Vegan, Phthalate-free, Cruelty-free, Non-GMO, Glute, Alcohol-free
  • Who it's for: All skin types
  • 5 oz
  • Made in USA.


Luminous - The beautiful blend of their Luminous scent is stylish, lively and inquisitive. It's a scent that evokes sensuality, gentleness, and passion. It has notes of pink cotton candy, sweet lemon drops, raspberries, fig leaves, caramel, Sicilian orange, Barbe-a-Papa, Lily of the Valley, and powdery vanilla musk. Playful, mischievous, romantic. The Luminous scent is for the skin, for the body, for the heart, for the soul.