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Bloat BFF

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Bloating sucks – especially when it happens after even the healthiest foods. For those with chronic gut issues like SIBO, bloating and gas can increase when we start incorporating more fiber-rich foods (beans & broccoli, we want to love you). That’s where Bloat BFF comes in: a SIBO-safe formula for the most sensitive stomachs, designed to be fast acting and give you the freedom to eat what you love without uncomfortable side effects.

Organic Olivia's first of its kind formula contains a blend of herbs, enzymes, and a spore-based probiotic strain specifically studied for its ability to improve digestion, enhance the gut microbiome, and reduce bloating by eliminating excess gas buildup. This easy, one-capsule dose is your new best friend — and works wonders thanks to a multi-pronged approach that targets 4 main causes of bloat: maldigestion of protein and carbohydrates, gut dysbiosis, slow motility, and food triggers. Contains ingredients that help with the most common offenders, like beans and dairy.*