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The Purifier Tea

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Organic Olivia's very first kidney support formula, The Purifier is a revolutionary addition to their apothecary and something they find is often overlooked in both the allopathic and holistic realm. Although our kidneys play such a crucial role in the elimination of waste products and environmental pollutants, we tend to focus more on liver support, as the markers of optimal liver health are more readily measured. However, this leaves mineral-rich, kidney-loving herbs that protect and strengthen us over time out of the picture, even though these nutritive plants offer such a wide range of benefits.
This aromatic, slightly bitter, and full bodied tea is blended with herbs that work in harmony to help us eliminate excess, without causing depletion. Cleavers, Horsetail, Goldenrod, Parsley, Dandelion Leaf, Ginkgo and Rosehip each have a unique and complementary ability to support the kidneys, the lymphatic system, and our ability to maintain fluid balance as we let go of what we no longer need. Brew yourself a cup when you feel like you’re having trouble letting go — after a long flight, before an important event, or as part of self care (we love sipping this before Gua Sha when you need to “de-puff!”)*
2 OZ (56G)