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(aime) Probiotic Deodorant

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All natural, aluminum-free, rejuvenating. Created in collaboration with French aime skincare founder, Mathilde Lacombe, this gentle deodorant helps maintain skin’s natural bacterial balance to prevent odor.

The nourishing oil, butter, and beeswax base is complemented by an exotic infusion of grapefruit, jasmine, and neroli oils, inspired by the French Riviera.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Did nothing for me except give me a rash

I was so excited for this, it smells divine and I’ve been trying to switch to clean deo for years and trust Agent Nature as a brand. Unfortunately after a couple days I noticed it would give me a rash. I’d stop using it let the rash settle, and try again and it would come back. Not only that but it did nothing for my sweat either. I was sad and ended up giving it to my sister for her to try. I guess I’m allergic to an ingredient in it. Not for me.