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Élixir Exfoliant

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A gentle yet effective exfoliating treatment to shed dull skin cells and even tone and texture to reveal brighter and smoother skin and allow other skincare products to absorb better.

Élixir Exfoliant is a 10 to 30 minute exfoliating treatment mask that goes on like your favourite oil-based serum to shed dull skin cells and even tone and texture after gently wiping clean with warm water and the French Farmacie muslin cloth (included with every order of Élixir Exfoliant to elevate your ritual). 

The unique oil-based texture of Élixir Exfoliant allows for nourishing and moisturizing benefits. At the same time, the natural AHAs and fruit enzymes exfoliate and brighten. Élixir Exfoliant and the French Farmacie muslin cloth unlock the combined power of chemical and physical exfoliation.

See ritual/how to use below for more details.

Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive, combination, oily, acne-prone, mature and dehydrated skin. Noncomedogenic. 3rd-party Clinical Dermatologist tested.